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Yijiang district locates in the downtown area of Wuhu. Encircled by water all round, it stands beside Jingshanhe river  to the east, Yangtze River to the west, Zhanghe river to the south and Qingyijiang river to the north. It covers an area of 178 square kilometers with the permanent resident population of 330,000 people by the end of 2014. There are 7 sub-district offices and 1 community under its administration, namely as Matang, Lugang, Huolong, Baima, Yijiangqiao, Zhongnan ,Limin and Nanrui. And there are totally 31 neighborhood committees and 20 village committees governed by thes...
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New-energy automobile industry:Focus on developing new energy vehicle、 special vehicle、 intelligent vehicle、battery、motor、electric control system、 charging pile、new energy vehicle rental service.we have successfully attracted Chery New Energy、RuiJiang Modified cars、WuHu ETC Battery Limited、The Amount Of Electronic、TongJi Hydrogen Power、QiXiang S&T、Million to help car rental、Easy New Energy Car Rental And Operation,CEPREI Laboratory  to settle down in our zone. Information service industry: Focus on developing software、 service outsourcing、 electronic commerce、 software trai...
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Approved by the Anhui provincial government, Wuhu Hi-tech Zone was established in 1991. By getting the approval from the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Land and Resources and the Ministry of Audit in April 2006, Wuhu Hi-tech Zone formally been upgraded to be the National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone by the State Council in September, 2010. Thereafter, Wuhu Hi-tech Zone enjoys all policies for National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone. Wuhu Hi-tech Zone is one of the two national Hi-tech Zones in Anhui province. It covers an area of 35.19 square kilomet...
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